Smart Hearing Aids

Siemens Smart Hearing Aids

The latest in wearable technology.

Introducing hearing aids that solve the two most common complaints of hearing aid wearers – hearing speech in noisy environments like cocktail parties and restaurants, and hearing in wind. Equipped with the latest version of Siemens BestSound™ Technology, our smart hearing aids allow wearers to understand speech in noisy listening environments like cocktail parties or crowded restaurants even better than those with normal hearing.* They provide an exceptional binaural listening experience and adapt to almost every wearing need and preference.

These hearing aids also pair with our media hub, the Siemens easyTek™ audio streamer, allowing wearers discreet control over volume, treble, and programs. easyTek also enables wireless connection to a variety of audio sources.

Siemens easyTek app & Hearing Aids

So what makes a hearing aid “smart”?

  • Highly intelligent. They’re the only hearing aids clinically proven to deliver better than normal hearing in environments like busy restaurants and cocktail parties.
  • The ability to adapt. Whether you are driving a car, playing golf in the wind, at a concert or restaurant, our smart hearing aids automatically detect and adapt to that environment. No manual adjustments are required.
  • Interactive. These hearing aids work with both iOS® and Android™ devices, transforming them into your own high-definition personal headset.

* Two independent clinical studies have shown that Siemens hearing instruments with binaural processing provide better than normal hearing capabilities in certain demanding listening environments.

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