Caring for Children's Hearing Aids

How to maintain and care for your kid’s instruments.

Here are a few tips on how to handle your child’s behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. Over time and with practice, you’ll find handling will become second nature to you and your child.

Inserting and removing BTE hearing aids.

How to Insert and Remove Siemens BTE Hearing Aid

Take the earmold between your thumb and index finger and insert the earmold into the ear. Gently work the earmold into its proper position by adjusting it until it is firmly seated in the ear. Then, lift the hearing aid over the top of the ear and adjust it to fit behind the ear.

When removing the hearing instrument, push lightly on the back of the ear to help release the earmold, and gently pull the hearing aid from the ear.

Attaching the earmold.

Graphic of Different Parts of Earmold, Tubing, & Earhook

Because each child’s ear grows at a different rate, it is important to look for signs that the child is outgrowing the earmold. Acoustic feedback (a high-pitched squealing sound emanating from the hearing instrument) occurs when amplified sound escapes from the ear and is picked up by the microphone again. This is a good indication that the earmold no longer fits properly, and that a new earmold is needed.

Connecting the audio shoe.

Connected Audio Shoe Step 1

1. Open the battery compartment.

Connected Audio Shoe Step 2

2. Lift the audio input cover and close the battery compartment.

Connected Audio Shoe Step 3

3. Place the gold contacts of the audio shoe against the audio input contacts of the hearing aid and rotate the audio shoe forward until it clicks into place.

Connected Audio Shoe Step 4

4. To remove the audio shoe, rotate the audio shoe in the opposite direction and close the audio input cover of the hearing aid.