Wireless Accessories Keep Kids & Teens Connected to Everything

We offer hearing aids and accessories for use with Bluetooth®, FM/DM, and other wireless technologies.

Int'l CES Innovations Awards 2014
  • The latest BestSound™ Technology hearing aids can be controlled using the touchControl™ App, which turns any Android smartphone or iPhone into a hearing aid control. Adjust volume, treble, and select programs with this free app—no other intermediary device is needed.
  • easyTek™ and miniTek® connect hearing aids directly to favorite devices and stream audio in true stereo—transforming hearing aids into high-performance wireless headphones. They also act as hubs to access classroom FM/DM systems. easyTek works with the latest BestSound Technology hearing aids, while miniTek works with Motion M, Motion P, and Aquaris®

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Discreet Audio Shoe for the classroom

Siemens Audio Shoe for Classroom

An audio shoe provides direct audio input (DAI) wireless interface with most common FM/DM systems or via a miniTek® remote. This makes classroom participation easier. A teacher’s voice sounds as clear as if he or she were standing next to your child. Children can sit wherever they want in the class and never worry that they might be missing and important assignment. Even from their favorite spot at the back of class or next to the window, your child will understand as if the teacher were directly in front of them. Siemens Motion® M, Motion P, Motion SX, and Motion SA hearing aids are DAI-ready.

eCharger is economical and friendly to the environment.

Siemens eCharger

Place rechargeable hearing aids in the eCharger™ and within six hours they will be powered up and ready. Rechargeable batteries save money because they last much longer than conventional batteries. And, the eCharger’s electronic drying function keeps hearing aids clean and protects them from moisture damage.

Sport Clip is ideal for active kids and teens.

Siemens Sports Clip

Sport Clip keeps Aquaris™ securely in place while kids play hard and have fun during sports, swimming, etc.

Aquapac keeps your accessories dry and clean.

Siemens Waterproof Aquapac

Aquapac is a waterproof pouch that keeps important things like remote controls, MP3 players, and cell phones safe and dry. So, kids can talk on the phone or listen to music even while they are swimming, skiing, or camping.

Siemens Disney Kit

The Disney Kit.

The Disney Kit for younger children includes a cuddly Mickey Mouse® and storybook. Reading and playing with Mickey helps younger kids gain confidence in their hearing aids. And to keep their hearing aids in peak condition, the kit also provides all the maintenance essentials parents need, like a battery tester, drying set, listening stethoset and a cleaning tool.

Siemens Active Kids Kit

The Active Kids Kit.

The Active Kids Kit is suited for children 11 years and older. This kit includes maintenance essentials such as a battery tester, drying beaker, drying capsules, a draw-string backpack, a booklet discussing hearing aid use and care, and a USB thumb drive.