Discover Tek

The Tek® wireless enhancement system allows you to access your favorite audio devices through a smart and powerful remote control. Move your mouse across each device to see how Tek helps you connect.

Different solutions. One goal.

The miniTek® (with the new miniTek Remote App) and classic Tek offer state-of-the-art wireless connectivity. Each accessory was created with a different wearer in mind.



Ultramodern and small with an exclusive look and feel Timeless design with an ergonomic larger size and clear display
For technology savvy wearers Simple to use
Discreet one button operation Large push buttons for direct selection of programs
Audio streaming range of 2 feet Audio streaming range of more than 3 feet
Battery life of 4– 5 hours Battery life of 6 hours
Links wearers to a variety of audio devices, even connecting to two transmitters simultaneously Connects wearers to their mobile phones, TVs, and other audio devices
Works with two phones at once Displays status information, e.g. battery life, selected program
Additional connectivity to thired-party Bluetooth® wireless transmitters, DAI plug for FM receivers, VoiceLink, and T-coil Equipped with SoundBalance (treble control) so wearers can input their individual tone preferences
Upgradable firmware