Designed with your safety and independence in mind.

The smartHome solutions are designed to extend your safety and independence at home. They leverage the wireless connectivity of Siemens smart hearing aids and easyTek™ to receive special signals from sensors and transmitters that alert you to important sounds— from doorbells to phones, smoke detectors, room monitors, and other devices. This exclusive offer, in partnership with Bellman & Symfon, comes in two packages: smartAlert and smartCare.

The smartHome begins with the smartHub, a plug-in that connects your hearing aids to smartHome sensors, transmitters, and monitors via easyTek, so you can hear special signals from phones, doors and other important alerts.




The smartAlert package includes the smartHub, a doorbell monitor, and a telephone monitor. When activated via the smartHub, these monitors alert you via sound signals. The doorbell monitor can be programmed to recognize virtually any doorbell sound and the telephone monitor can be used to detect a landline or mobile phone.




The smartCare package includes the smartHub, a room monitor, and a push button transmitter. When activated by the smartHub, the room monitor sends a signal to the hearing aids and can be adjusted for sensitivity and delay. The push button transmitter, used by a loved one, can alert you in times of need and can be worn with a lanyard.

Optional accessories for smartHome.

optional accessories - alarm clock & smoke alarm

Optional accessories include a smoke alarm and an alarm clock. The smoke alarm works with the smartHub to transmit light, sound, or vibration to indicate an emergency. The alarm clock allows you to choose to wake up to an extra loud/audible alarm, high-intensity flashing lights, or a bed shaker.