miniTek™ is packed with remarkably sophisticated technology to make sure you enjoy the most refined hearing experience – no matter which one of your high-tech gadgets you’re linked to.

Graphic of miniTek Technology

Perfect stereo

e2e wireless™ 2.0 brings you true stereo sound from your favorite devices. It automatically connects both hearing aids to the audio source via miniTek, thereby minimizing the need for manual adjustments. This ensures interference-free, crisp, and clear transmission.

Natural sound

Most Siemens hearing aids compatible with Tek are equipped with SoundBrilliance. This feature is especially important when listening to TV and music because it enhances the perception of higher pitched sounds. The result: a richer, fuller and more natural hearing experience.

Remarkable efficiency

miniTek’s rechargeable battery is fully charged in just 3 hours and runs up to 5 hours for streaming or several days as a remote control. Compared to similar devices, miniTek offers more functionality without compromising the extremely long battery life of your Siemens hearing aids. Even when you link to two devices simultaneously, such as the TV and phone, your hearing aids’ power consumption remains the same.

Integrated features

miniTek has T-coil built in, so even if your hearing instruments don’t have an integrated T-coil, you can link to induction loop systems commonly found in theaters and places of worship.

A Direct Audio Input plug for FM receivers is also integrated. It works with all standard FM systems, sending the speaker’s voice directly to your hearing aids. If you are planning to purchase an FM system, you will only need to buy one receiver instead of two. And if your hearing aids do not have a DAI plug, miniTek makes it possible for you to use FM systems.