easyTek App

More convenience, more discretion, more possibilities.

The new easyTek™ App gives the easyTek™ even greater functionality while adding the element of discretion*.

easyTek App is an ultra-discreet, simple way to intuitively and completely control your hearing aids using your Android™ or iOS smartphone. It lets you see the status of your hearing aids on your smartphone’s screen, stream sound from audio sources, or use your phone like a remote control.

The app is easy to understand because it becomes the screen display of your easyTek. While others think you’re simply checking a text message, in fact you are making a quick hearing program or volume adjustment. Control your tinnitus settings and SoundBalance™ with a simple touch! The easyTek App even lets you adjust audio preferences while streaming music.

And here is the best part — you can quickly and easily download the easyTek App for free from the Google Play* Store or Apple App* Store!

Siemens easyTek App has Endless Possibilities

Almost endless possibilities.

  • Remote control function for hearing programs, volume, and more
  • Spatial Configurator function enables completely personalized hearing
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Readout of hearing aid status
  • Control of special features like tinnitus settings and SoundBalance
  • Interactive sound control. You’re free to choose what you want to listen to
  • Free of charge for use with easyTek
  • Your smartphone becomes the screen display of your easyTek
Siemens easyTek App Preview 1
Siemens easyTek App Preview 1

Download the easyTek App today.

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Easily and quickly download the app on the Google Play* Store or Apple App Store* at no cost.

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*The Siemens easyTek and easyTek app are compatible with the latest BestSound Technology model hearing aids. Please contact your hearing care professional for full details.

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