Simple, high-quality remote control.

Our sleek, simple easyPocket™ remote control places all your hearing aids’ options at your fingertips. Large, convenient buttons and an easy-to-read display make accessing the features of your hearing aids easier than ever before. Works with these micon wireless-enabled hearing aids:


Easy-to-use buttons and display.

easyPocket Button and Display - Basic Version

  1. Key lock switch
    Slide the switch to lock the keys and protect against unintentional changes.
  2. Display
    Displays changes to listening programs and volume.
    Status bar displays status of alarm and battery.
    Displays control button functions.
  3. Program change button
    Press to change current listening program.
    Program change activated when pressed, including when in standby mode (allows for discreet control even while the remote is in your pocket).
  4. Volume up button
    Press to increase volume.
  5. Volume down button
    Press to decrease volume.
  6. Auxiliary menu
    Pressing the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously accesses the auxiliary menu. From this menu you can set the time and an alarm, and view the battery status and contact data.
  7. Upper control button
    Reset hearing aids to a default program/volume.
  8. Lower control button
    Mute and unmute hearing your hearing aids.

* Only compatible with certain models. Consult your hearing care professional for details.