Comfort Digisystem

Wireless microphone and receiver work seamlessly with miniTek.

We distribute Comfort Audio’s wireless Comfort Digisystem, which pairs with miniTek®. Together, these devices enhance speech and filter out disturbing background noise before it reaches your hearing aids. The result—improved clarity and speech understanding when you participate in meetings, attend lectures, or anywhere you need a longer range—up to 120 feet from the speaker.

Hear every word clearly and securely.

The Comfort Digisystem includes a digital microphone and receiver. Just plug the Comfort Digisystem receiver into miniTek or a compatible hearing aid, and place the microphone on a table or on a speaker’s lapel. The digital technology filters out disturbing background noise and the enhances speech delivered to your hearing aids.

The system can easily adapt to suit personal lifestyle needs and listening situations.

An FM system can significantly improve your speech perception in difficult listening environments. Using Comfort Digisystem, kids and adults with hearing loss can attend classes, houses of worship, civic center, theaters, and convention centers with comfort and confidence.

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Learn more about assistive listening devices available for use with and without hearing aids. A big help for children in school.

Children in particular benefit from FM systems in schools, which gather speech at the voice source and transmit the sound directly into their hearing aids. For younger children with hearing loss, an FM system maximizes early speech and language development at home, while improving preschool and kindergarten student-teacher interactions.

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