Hearing Protection for Musicians & Music Lovers

Siemens Hearing Protection for Musicians

Small and discreet with natural sound quality.

Now you can protect your hearing while enjoying music as a spectator or a musician in a band. Our hearing protection for musicians and music lovers allows you to enjoy all the highs and lows, bass and treble associated with making and listening to all kinds of music by using a special filter that lets you hear the music while protecting your hearing. Enjoy rock concerts, heavy metal music, and sports events at a reduced level without losing sound quality.

Our ear protection for musicians and music lovers comes in a variety of colors:

  • Clear transparent
  • Dark brown transparent
  • Orange opaque
  • Pink opaque
  • Lilac opaque
  • Blue opaque
  • Yellow opaque
  • Reddish transparent
  • Green opaque
  • White opaque
  • Light brown opaque
  • Red opaque
  • Black opaque
  • Beige opaque

Locate the closest hearing care professional and get your musician’s hearing protection today.