Hearing Protection for Shooting

Siemens Hearing Protection for Shooting

Protect your ears while shooting at the range or hunting.

A simple gunshot registers at 140 decibels (dB), which is significant enough to cause permanent hearing loss. Our custom hearing protection for hunting and high-decibel noise is specifically designed for these transient types of sounds. They are custom-made to fit your ear, offering maximum protection from loud, harmful sounds and the sudden “impulse noise” coming from a gun.

Many other sounds can damage your ears. For example, an active snowmobile registers at 110 dB, a jet ski at 115 dB, even heavy traffic registers at 85 dB. Prolonged exposure to these types of noises can cause gradual and sometimes permanent hearing loss. Shooting hearing protection is also beneficial in these situations.

Our hunting ear protection comes in a variety of colors:

  • Clear transparent
  • Dark brown transparent
  • Orange opaque
  • Pink opaque
  • Lilac opaque
  • Blue opaque
  • Yellow opaque
  • Reddish transparent
  • Green opaque
  • White opaque
  • Light brown opaque
  • Red opaque
  • Black opaque
  • Beige opaque

So whether you’re in need of gun range ear protection or other high impact hearing protection, our custom-fitted solution will keep your ears safe and secure.

Locate the closest hearing care professional and get your hunting hearing protection today!