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Speech Mapping Module

Clear visualization for excellent fitting results.

Speech mapping allows you to visually demonstrate hearing aid benefits so that your patients can experience the difference first-hand, right away.

Woman's Ear

A large selection of sound samples assists you during tests and demonstrations. The percentile analysis function enables fittings for non-linear hearing instruments. And simultaneous binaural measurements help you to serve your customer more efficiently than ever.

Unity 3 Speech Mapping Screen

Speech mapping screen

Use this screen to visualize how the hearing aids process live speech, recorded speech, or any other noise. You can also demonstrate hearing aid features such as noise reduction or directionality, and explain their effects to your patient.

Unity 3 Percentile Analysis Screen

Percentile analysis screen

This screen allows you to visually display and analyze the dynamic range of live signals that are processed by the hearing aids. Its analysis includes the whole spectrum of broadband sound signals. Percentile analysis also provides means to adjust the hearing aids for both the loud and the soft parts of a speech signal.