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Real Ear Measurement

Fast, individual fitting for the real world.

Unity 3’s real ear measurement module delivers real-world test results with exceptional features and measurement options.

The adjustable probe microphone system enables easy placement. Binaural measurements can be performed simultaneously to improve your workflow. And the module is compatible with AutoFit™ from Connexx® 7.3 onwards for the fastest possible individual fitting.

Probe Microphones for Unity 3

A perfect fit for precise results.

Together with the fitting unit, the robust probe microphones deliver perfect measurement results. They can be adjusted to fit any ear. No matter what the size or form, they sit comfortably and securely, even when testing children.

Testing and evaluation options.

  • Possible measurements:
    Unaided, aided, occluded (both gain and output), insertion gain and RECD
  • Practical test signals:
    ISTS, LTASS, ICRA and many different noises
  • Applicable prescriptive formulas:
    DSL v5, NAL-NL1 and NAL-NL2 and manual target input for individualized evaluation
Unity 3 Ear Measurement Screen Real ear measurement screen with a binaural view of real time measurement data, this screen allows you to visualize all the necessary information.