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Audiometer Module

Premium possibilities at your fingertips.

The fully functional two-channel audiometer module is optimized for pure-tone and speech audiometry, plus a host of other premium features.

With high frequency, pure-tone testing up to 16 kHz and the ability to perform Weber and TEN tests, the audiometer module is able to support all common hearing tests. The module can be controlled via keyboard and mouse, and the interface features include many overlay options in the audiometer view.

It enables comparison and timely analysis of changes and a 16 kHz view for high frequency losses. In addition, the speech audiometry monitoring function helps you automatically score the results and protocol the used test words as well as the given answers. This avoids repetition of test words in later sessions.

Audiometer Module

Convenient, customized testingwherever you are.

The portable combination of headphones and fitting unit allows for a comfortable, personalized hearing analysis even when you are out on visits.

HF Audiometry Screen

HF audiometry screen

This screen provides a true binaural view on the frequency range up to 16 kHz with all relevant data and required controls on one screen. The clearly structured screen provides a maximum overview and supports intuitive handling.

Speech Audiometer Graphical View

Speech audiometer graphical view

The speech audiometer graphical display allows both manual and automated input of speech test results. Used test word lists and client responses will be stored together with the data and can be displayed for each test point on demand.