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Unity 3

Enhance your workflow and maximize patient satisfaction.

Siemens Unity 3 is a PC-controlled fitting system that is flexible, modular, and compact, with tools that can be used together or independently. It includes the following:

  • Audiometer, Test Box, Probe Mic Measurement
  • Integrated with Connexx® for Real Ear measurement with AutoFit. With the touch of a button, a great FirstFit becomes more precise and comfortable to each individual ear
  • Hit targets every time in less time, saving 15 minutes on average per patient
  • Fewer follow-ups; better patient satisfaction
Unity 3 Testbox and Fitting Units

The perfect modular concept.

Stylish and with minimum space requirements. The fitting unit can be attached to the hearing instrument testbox unit.

Easy to use.

Smart service support.

Drawings of Unity

Small dimensions.

  • Unity has never been smaller or lighter.
  • Fits any room concept: The fitting unit can be partly mounted to a wall (1) or be attached below a desktop (2).
  • Take only what you need! The modular system can be disassembled and allows you to take only the small fitting unit, while leaving the larger test box behind.