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Counseling Suite 3.0

Counseling Suite 3.0.

  • Optimize customer service with clearly structured, easy-to-understand, and customizable consultations.
  • Give patients clear understanding of their hearing loss, its effects, and the benefits of various solutions with valuable visualization tools and descriptions.
  • Use the portable new Counseling Suite App for increased mobility. Available from the Google Play Store* and Apple App Store, this app can be used on Android* and iOS tablets.

*Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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Consumer Guidance Literature

Consumer Guidance Literature.

  • Give customers insight into hearing, hearing loss, and the benefits of hearing aids.
  • These materials explain topics clearly and introduce possible hearing solutions in a relaxed and reader-friendly manner.
Special Leaflets

Special Leaflets.

  • This additional print literature provides further information about all supplementary hearing care products.
  • You can use them to give your patients insight into the range of Siemens hearing aid accessories, for example.
Informative Handling Videos

Informative handling videos.

  • Short video clips comprehensively demonstrate how to handle Siemens hearing aids.
  • Available on our website and on YouTube.

List of all handling videos

Counseling Deskpad

Counseling deskpad.

  • Keep this helpful overview at hand as you counsel your patients.
  • Find overviews of performance level features, hearing aids, and the additional benefits of higher performance levels.
  • Show patients pictures of people wearing hearing instruments so they can see different options.
eARena Hearing Training DVD

eARena hearing training DVD.

  • The eARena™ DVD contains a digital auditory training program.
  • Your patients can complete it in the comfort of their own home, at their own pace, and at their own convenience.

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Connexx Software & Unity 3

Connexx software and Unity 3.

  • This diagnostic and fitting system makes your workflow faster and more intuitive.
  • Take advantage of ultimate mobility and full flexibility for an enhanced consultation process – before, during, and after the fitting.
  • Use a laptop with Connexx™ and Unity™ 3 to perform wireless fittings outside your office, directly in real-world hearing situations, for fast, precise results.

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BestSound Technology Website

  • Easily access our web pages that provide you with helpful information, apps, and multimedia tools.
  • Take advantage of our online hearing test, 3D videos, the “Find a Hearing Care Professional” search, and information on all of our products.