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Accelerate Ordering with mySiemens

Instead of entering orders manually, use the saved time for support calls and marketing.

mySiemens, our comprehensive e-business website, allows you the convenience and flexibility to perform many of your routine business tasks online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

A professional, highly efficient practice is just a click away.

mySiemens is your personal place for business and resources on the web.

Efficient online ordering:

  • Order new custom instruments using integrated iScan impression scanner
  • Order BTE and accessories
  • Process repairs quickly and efficiently


mySiemens provides easy, online ordering for Siemens products.

  • Manage your account, check orders, view payments
  • Find news, marketing promotions, product support, and access to online education

mySiemens makes it easy to do business with us.

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Simple order and repair management:

  • View, track and edit orders and repairs

Complete account management is just a click away:

  • View monthly statements
  • Print invoices
  • Make payments

Easy to use administrative functions:

  • Update your account information
  • Check warranty
  • Manage users for your account

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mySiemens provides convenience and control.

Bypassing telephone ordering reduces the time and costs associated with manual efforts: