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Screening Simplified by HearCheck Navigator

For both patients and testers, identifying hearing loss should be fast, accurate, and simple.

With the user-friendly, battery-operated HearCheck™ Navigator, a screening can be performed by hearing care professionals in a mere 30 seconds per ear. Thanks to the technologically advanced decision tree feature, you can decide almost immediately if your patient has normal hearing or if further testing is required.

HearCheck Navigator

Main benefits.

  • Increased efficiency through convenient function and time-optimized results
  • Ease of use with one-button operation
  • Boosted professionalism due to easier triaging of patients
  • Customer satisfaction through speedy results
  • More sensitive identification of hearing loss by screening through three test frequencies

Simplicity and safety.

This unique approach for identifying hearing loss is based on a decision tree algorithm and delivers instant, clear results. It is so straightforward, it can be used at all skill levels, helping you save time and effort. The HearCheck device also comes with disposable ear cups for safe and hygienic operation.