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Premium Packaging

Science encased in art.

Our micon™ and XCEL BestSound® Technology set new technical benchmarks—and Siemens premium packaging distinguishes our higher performance levels and assists in promoting these hearing aids.

Siemens Packaging of BestSound Technology

Jewel case for 7mi, 5mi, 3mi, 701 XCEL & 501 XCEL.

The jewel cases for 7mi, 5mi, 3mi, 701 XCEL and 501 XCEL performance levels have a modern, pocket-friendly design. They comes in two sizes for smaller and larger hearing aids. Both have a high-quality polished finish with soft rubber grip for easy, safe handling and robust hinge construction with a convenient push button

Siemens Premium box - 7mi and 701 XCEL

Premium box for 7mi and 701 XCEL.

Our prestigious 7mi and 701 XCEL performance levels comes in a premium box with an leather-like look and feel complete with intricate stitching. The elegant premium box includes an organizer for storing the user guide, warranty card, batteries, and a business card from the hearing care professional. It also has a drawer for accessories.

Siemens Value box - 5mi and 501 XCEL instruments

Value box for 5mi and 501 XCEL instruments.

Our high-quality, mid-range 5mi and 501 XCEL performance level is offered in the value box—a laminated case with embossing and elegant high-gloss logo strip. The value box has a removable inlay and ample storage space for hearing aid accessories.