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micon gives you more.

micon™ is the platform behind BestSound® Technology. For the first time a wearer can forget that they are hearing through a hearing aid. With micon’s natural sound and sophisticated, personalized functions wearers experience the joy of hearing effortlessly in any soundscape.

For you, micon means quicker and more accurate fittings, settings that change automatically depending on the listening environment, and automatic acclimatization over time. The result? Fewer follow-up visits, accelerated acceptance, and patient satisfaction even in the most challenging situations.

Clear, comfortable sound and a tinnitus therapy feature.

Higher resolution and improved algorithms offer the most natural, personalized and comfortable sound on the market with unprecedented clarity. And, all micon hearing aids have a tinnitus therapy feature.

Full wireless connectivity in 30 hearing instrument models.

Connect to hearing loops via T-coil and FM systems via DAI. With miniTek®, stream to hearing aids from:

micon has more processing power, more channels, and more bandwidth.

micon takes Soundability™ to a radical new level:

Micon Professional with Patient
  • 18 million transistors
  • 250 million instructions per second
  • 48 channels with frequency resolution
  • 12 kHz frequency range

A complete portfolio of BTEs, RICs, and Customs with all the best-in-class industry features.

All of the benefits of micon technology are now available in RICs, BTEs and ITEs, including super-power Nitro® BTEs and ITEs. Additionally, Motion® and Insio™ offer 3mi performance levels