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Essential Technology.
The only one that offers e2e wireless.

Introducing an enhanced Essential line of products that deliver advanced features — including industry-leading directionality, superior wireless connectivity, and a free remote control app.

Siemens Essential 2 hearing aids

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Advanced technology for an individual hearing experience.

Hearing aids in the Essential segment cover mild to profound hearing loss, and feature the latest technology: including binaural synchronization, automatic and adaptive directionality, eWindScreen, and tinnitus therapy. Speech and noise management reduces background sounds and provides remarkable speech understanding. Depending on the family, models are equipped with 16 or 12 channels for fine frequency shaping and processing. This makes them the most advanced models in their class and allows you to offer an expertly tailored hearing experience.

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Optimum design for a high level of wearing comfort.

No matter how active your patients’ lifestyles are, the Essential segment offers a broad range of hearing aid models to provide nearly all of them with an optimum solution. Tailor-made for an ideal fit, all custom hearing aids ― from CICs to ITCs to ITEs ― are available with optional Optivent™ ventilation and provide a high level of discretion. So small that they are hardly visible, all RIC models hide behind the ear and offer perfect amplification. Equipped with sturdy housing constructions to protect the technology inside, BTEs come in a variety of reliable models, all of which fit snugly behind your patients’ ears.

No matter what your patients’ hearing needs and wearing preferences, the versatile Essential range lets you satisfy almost all of them.

Wireless connectivity for hassle-free, discreet handling options.

The broad variety of hearing aids and advanced technology within the Essential segment are not the only aspects that provide a multitude of possibilities. For enhanced discretion and increased simplicity, most models also offer wireless connectivity options. This lets them connect to other devices for remote control and audio streaming. Using accessories like the easyTek™, wearers can stream sound in crystal-clear quality from Bluetooth®-enabled devices directly into their hearing aids. With remote control options, such as the touchControl App™ on their Android™* or iOS smartphone, or the easyPocket™, users can discreetly and conveniently change their hearing programs or adjust volume, bass, and treble.

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