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Demonstrations of binax Hearing Aid Features

Watch the videos below to see binax hearing aid feature demonstrations.

  • binaxFocus - Narrow directionality

    binaxFocus - Narrow directionality

    binaxFocus’ narrow directionality automatically focuses on the speaker immediately in front of the wearer. It is able to narrow the beam of the directional microphone and to help wearers understand speech in noise. In fact, clinical studies have shown that it is so effective that it allows users to understand speech better than those with normal hearing in situations like cocktail parties.

  • Binaural OneMic directionality

    Binaural OneMic directionality

    As another world’s first, binaural OneMic directionality, exlusivly available on single-microphone in the ear aids,  allows even wearers of tiny in the ear products like CICs to experience the benefits of automatic directionality. Combined with the natural directionality provided by the pinna, it lets wearers follow conversations in noisy environments more easily.

  • Spatial SpeechFocus

    Spatial SpeechFocus

    As soon as the car situation is detected, where wearers cannot turn their heads to face the speaker, Spatial SpeechFocus automatically focuses in on the main sound source – be it from the front, back or even sides – while at the same time attenuating noise from other directions.

  • binaxSound - binaural eWindScreen

    binaxSound - binaural eWindScreen

    binaxSound continually monitors both hearing instruments and strategically uses audio signals from the side with the better sound quality while reducing other noise sources. Thanks to HDSR, unmatched spatial awareness is maintained. Additionally, binaxSound’s binaural eWindScreen™ preserves a high level of sound comfort – even in the most difficult windy situations.

  • binaxGuide - Spatial configurator

    binaxGuide - Spatial configurator

    As an addition to automatic functions that adapt to changing acoustic environments, spatial configurator empowers wearers to take flexible control of how and what they want to hear. They can individually adjust the span and direction of their directional microphone focus beams, and decide how much audio input they want to hear.