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binax Product Portfolio

binax comes in a whole line of RICs, BTEs, and Customs to fit more than 90% of your patients with automatic features that deliver exception directivity for improved speech recognition with minimal impact on power consumption.

Small in size, big in performance.

The benefits of binax’s world’s first binaural technology are available in three RIC hearing aid models: Ace™ binax, Pure® binax, Carat and Carat A binax. Offer your patients an exceptional binaural hearing experience combined with premium technology, remote app options, and compact designs.

The world’s first binaural directional CIC and IIC.

With binaural OneMic directionality, Insio binax™ CICs/IICs represent a true world’s first. These tiny custom hearing aids offer directionality that can only be achieved with binaural technology. Additionally, all Insio binax models, down to the tiniest IICs, are remotely controllable via the touchControl App™. This makes Insio binax a nearly invisible solution with outstanding audiological performance.

Sleek, easy to handle, and exceptional binaural hearing.

Our Motion® BTE models offer maximum wearing and handling comfort. Available in two rechargeable options, one DAI-compatible model, and even a high amplification version for wearers with severe hearing loss.

The world’s first technology that outperforms normal hearing*

All binax hearing instruments are ideal for wearers who would like a powerful and subtle solution with a high level of technological convenience. All work with the powerful and easy-to-learn fitting software for superior customer satisfaction, Connexx 7. Click on a binax hearing product below to learn more:


Motion Primax

Motion Primax on Table

Sleek, easily controlled. Effortless listening.

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Insio Primax

Insio primax on Table

Comfortable, discreet, effortless. Customized.

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Ace Primax

Ace primax on Table

Nearly invisible, superb hearing. Hear without effort.

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Pure Primax

Pure Primax on Table

Stylish to wear. Convenient to use. Easy to hear.

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Connexx 8

Audiologist Counsels Customer

The perfect fit for perfect fittings.

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