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binaxDemo App

Demonstrate the binax benefits to your patients.

binaxDemo App with Hearing Aids

Underlining your audiological competence, the easy-to-use binaxDemo App (compatible with Android™ and iOS) lets you showcase all the sophisticated binax binaural features to your patients. Make the advantages of binax technology apparent by demonstrating the benefits in various hearing situations, either in your office or outside. Just download the binaxDemo App for free to your smartphone and show your patients that their care is in the best hands.

Noisy situations.

binaxDemo App Noisy Situations Options Screen

Let your patients experience narrow directionality so they can clearly hear speech in noise.


binaxDemo App Car Options Screen

Show your clients spatial SpeechFocus™ and how they can hear speech from all directions — the front, back, even the sides.

Ambiguous situations.

binaxDemo App Ambiguous Situation Screen

Demonstrate the Spatial Configurator, and let your patients individually decide what they want to hear for the most personalized hearing experience ever.


binaxDemo App Outdoor Options Screen

Showcase outside your office how effectively binaural eWindScreen™ stops annoying wind noise.

binxDemo App icon

Easily and quickly download the app on the Google Play* Store or Apple App Store* at no cost.

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