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miniReceiver 2.0

miniReceiver 2.0 Left & Right Receivers

A new generation in RIC receivers.

With miniReceiver 2.0, we deliver a more advanced, updated product while maintaining flexibility, making it suitable for virtually every ear canal and hearing loss.

Small receiver, large range.

We strive to provide solutions for any preference, hearing loss, and anatomy. miniReceiver 2.0 offers multiple sizes, power options, and accessories. It’s compatible with Click Domes™ and Click Molds™ and comes in four power levels with different lengths. All these options help ensure sufficient amplification and fitting flexibility for your patients.

miniReceivers 2.0 Power Range

miniReceivers on Ace & Pure Aids

Highest performance.

miniReceiver 2.0’s new design helps prevent damage from moisture, improve audiological performance, and includes easy-to-recognize colors to indicate left or right. Using a two-step wax protection system and modified, easier to clean domes, miniReceiver 2.0 ensures great customer satisfaction.

The new design of the miniReceiver 2.0 enables a narrower, more discreet connection to Ace™ micon and Pure® micon hearing aids —and it provides better microphone positioning too