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Receiver Models

Smaller, better, more satisfying.

For some customers, getting used to wearing hearing instruments can be a challenge. To make the adaptation process faster and easier, we have made our miniReceiver easy to handle and maintain. For you – and for your customers. The housing is made of high-quality, hypoallergenic stainless steel. Effective two-step wax protection is ensured by the additional miniReceiver wax guard.

No fitting update is required for the existing RIC products because the miniReceiver is acoustically identical to our first generation of receivers.

Four different power levels.

Four different power levels ensure enough amplification and high fitting flexibility.

Receiver Model S

Receiver Model M

Receiver Model P

Receiver Model HP

miniReceiver S

miniReceiver M

miniReceiver P

miniReceiver HP

Output (OSPL)
108 dB
Output (OSPL)
119 dB
Output (OSPL)
122 dB
Output (OSPL)
130 dB
Gain: 45 dB Gain: 55 dB Gain: 65 dB Gain: 75 dB

Four different lengths to accommodate different ear sizes.

miniReceiver - lenght 0

miniReceiver - lenght 1

miniReceiver - lenght 2

miniReceiver - lenght 3

Length 0

43,0 mm

Length 1

48,0 mm

Length 2

53,1 mm

Length 3

58,2 mm