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Click Molds

Click Molds™ are smaller and even more reliable—so you can offer the right solution to your customers. The four different Click Mold types support any hearing loss up to moderately severe and fit various shapes of the ear. All Click Molds can be used with the miniReceiver sizes S, M, and P.

Click Molds contain a smaller adapter so even people with small ear canals can benefit from the click solution. The Click Mold design allows for very reliable ear mold manufacturing—digital or manual.

miniReceiver Click Molds
  • Click mechanism ensures easy and reliable handling.
  • Four different Click Mold types are available for various shapes of the ear and levels of hearing loss: closed, open, long and short.
  • The open Click Molds in particular offer even more flexibility because even if the patient’s hearing loss increases, the same ear mold can be used with a different miniReceiver size S, M or P.