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Click Domes

Instant, convenient fitting.

Fitting customers with the new Click Domes™ is quick and easy thanks to the innovative click mechanism.

Order the Click Domes as they are needed by your customers. They come in various sizes and forms so you can adapt them to the hearing loss and ear anatomy of your customers, easily and reliably.

Open For patients who require maximum comfort and no occlusion.

miniReceiver - Click domes open

4 mm
8 mm
10 mm
Semi-open For patients who desire the comfort of an open fitting but need more power.

semi-open dome

8 mm
-12 mm
Closed For patients who require more loudness than the Open Dome can offer.

miniReceiver - Click domes closed

6 mm
8 mm
10 mm
Double For patients who require broadband amplification and more retention. Can also be used with miniReceiver 2.0 size P.

miniReceiver - Click domes double

8/10 mm