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miniReceiver Click Dome

The world’s smallest external receivers.

The new generation of external receivers lets you fit more patients with our popular RIC solutions than ever before. Combining state-of-the-art technology with exceptional reliability in the smallest available design, the new miniReceiver fits virtually any ear—more comfort for wearers and more versatility for you.

 We shrunk it again.

The world’s smallest receivers keep getting tinier. And better. Our latest upgrade is the new miniReceiver M. It’s still as strong, but now much smaller. The powerful miniReceiver HP is also available.

The new, smaller miniReceiver fits even more customers.

miniReceiver with Clicks & Hearing Aid

Highest reliability for highest satisfaction.

For us, good is never good enough. That’s why we always strive to develop the best solutions. Our miniReceivers feature a range of innovations for even greater acceptance and more wearer satisfaction.

The Click Domes™ and Click Molds™ provide a simple but durable click interface.

miniReceiver with Siemens Hearing Aid

The market’s smallest receiver fits the widest range of wearers.

  • miniReceivers are compatible with all Siemens RIC hearing aids.
  • The miniReceiver can be worn with Click Domes or Click Molds, depending on preferences, hearing loss and anatomy.