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Powerful amplification meets a strong fit.

Earhooks on Hearing Aid

For hearing aid wearers with severe to profound hearing loss, earhooks are a perfect solution because they can provide a higher level of amplification than LifeTubes.

There are different kinds of earhooks: models that are firmly attached to the hearing aid (1) and models that can be screwed on and off the hearing aid housing (2).

Screw-on earhook models (2) are ultra transparent, come with a threaded screw interface and offer a smart connection to the housings of compatible hearing aids. Absolutely hassle-free, they can be quickly and easily screwed on and off for an extra-strong fit, optimum sound transmission, and perfect wearing comfort.

Available with a firmly attached earhook:

Motion SX micon
Orion S/M/P
Siemens Life micon
Sirion S/M/P
Motion M micon
Motion P micon
Motion PX binax

Screw-on earhooks are compatible with:

Motion SA binax
Motion SX binax