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touchControl App
Full control at your fingertips.

The touchControl™ App lets your patients discreetly and conveniently change the programs and volume of their hearing aids via their Android™ and iOS smartphones. With an operating range of one meter, it sends an ultra-high frequency coded signal directly to the hearing aids and requires no extra hardware.

The touchControl App works with all new binax hearing aids and is free to download on the Google Play™ Store and Apple® App Store*.

Completely discreet.

  • Changing settings looks like checking for a text
  • No extra hardware needed

Perfectly convenient.

  • Clients can easily change hearing programs, volume, bass, and treble
  • Clearly structured, intuitive screen for simple handling and optimized usability
  • Customers can rename programs according to personal preferences
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Download free of charge
touchControl App with Hearing Aids touchControl App Preview
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Easily and quickly download the app on the Google Play* Store or Apple App Store* at no cost.

Available on the Apple App StoreAvailable on Google Play

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