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Introducing smartHome solutions.
Round-the-clock safety and care for the hearing impaired.

The smartHome solutions are designed to extend your safety and independence at home by leveraging the wireless connectivity of Siemens wireless smartHearing aids and easyTek.


Siemens smart hearing aids connect to smartHome sensors

Daytime safety

The smartHome begins with the smartHub, a plug-in that connects Siemens wireless hearing aids to smartHome sensors, transmitters and monitors via Siemens easyTek streamer so wearers can hear special signals from phones, doorbells, and other important alerts directly into their hearing aids.


Nighttime safety

When a wearer takes off their hearing aids at bedtime, the smartClock takes over and can alert anyone who is hearing impaired to the doorbell, telephone, or simply a wake-up alarm via loud/audible alarm, high-intensity strobe lights, or a bed shaker.


Other transmitters coming soon:

The smartHub and smartClock also work with these accessories coming soon: smoke detector, room monitor, push button.