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Portable Fitting

Your competence just got street credibility.

Finding the best possible hearing aid settings for individual patients is an art. So we developed efficient Portable Fitting equipment to enhance your craftsmanship.

Woman at Acoustician with Portable Fitting

Portable fittings in your patient’s environment.

Patients can’t always make it to your office, so bring your services to them. They will appreciate your flexibility when you meet them at their home, office, a hospital or retirement home. Use Portable Fittings to provide true accessibility to better hearing. Or use your mobility to expand your customer base at marketing events and health awareness days.

Fine adjustments in real listening situations.

Making the right hearing aid adjustments can be a long process. Portable Fittings are a game-changer! Simply go with your patient into a “problem” situation and use their live feedback to make effective adjustments

Presenting the benefits of enhanced features.

Patients often have difficulty understanding the advantages of certain features in the context of a quiet office. Portable Fittings help them experience the benefits of advanced hearing aid features first-hand in real world situations. This experience can help them make a decision they will be happy with for the long term. Just as easily, you can use Portable Fittings to showcase higher performance level features and increase the success of your business

Advantages for you and your patient:

  • Mobility
    Visit your patients at home, in an assisted living center, or even a café to perform flexible fittings.
  • Individual service
    Precisely adjust hearing aids for patients’ specific hearing situations.
  • Effective demonstration
    Show your customers how their hearing aids will sound during their everyday activities.
  • Added value experience
    Demonstrate the benefits of advanced features “live” in different listening situations.


Portable Fitting Equipment

Everything you need for portable fittings.

Simply install Connexx® on your touchscreen computer to perform fittings wherever your patients need you. Depending on the hearing aid model, you can use the HI-Pro 2 USB and NoahLink connection tools, or ConnexxLink™ for completely wireless fittings.

Discover Connexx 7

Portable Fitting Audiomentry Unit

Audiometry to go.

Perform audiometry wherever you need to with the small, portable Unity 3 fitting unit. You can even perform in-situ measurements outside the four walls of your office.

Discover Unity 3