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ConnexxLink Improves Workflow Efficiency

Using the ConnexxLink® couldn’t be easier, particularly with the user interface design of the Connexx® software.

ConnexxLink Improves WorkFlow Efficiency - 1

1. After clicking the detect hearing aid button, select the detection device: wireless (ConnexxLink) OR wired (HiPro or NoahLink).

2. When you click wireless programmer, the dialog displays additional information about ConnexxLink. You can skip this dialog box if you choose.


ConnexxLink Improves WorkFlow Efficiency - 2

3. After you click Next, Connexx initiates the hearing aid detection process while displaying the status of the screening procedure.

4. When ConnexxLink has finished the detection process, select the desired hearing aids from the list of options.


ConnexxLink Improves WorkFlow Efficiency - 3


  • While Connexx is exchanging data with the hearing aids via ConnexxLink, the display is turned off.
  • When the system is not used for a long period of time, ConnexxLink switches to the power save mode and the display is turned off.
  • easyTek™, easyTek™ App, or any other remote control unit cannot be used at the same time as ConnexxLink.
ConnexxLink Improves WorkFlow Efficiency - 4