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Plug & Program

Place the lanyard with the ConnexxLink® around your customer’s neck, and you’re ready to start programming. Thanks to its e2e wireless® 3.0 capabilities, ConnexxLink supports bi-directional communication to and from the hearing aids.

Graphic of Connexx Link Plug & Program

(1) ConnexxLink enables quick and easy programming and read-out of hearing aids equipped with e2e wireless 3.0 capabilities. And, ConnexxLink’s compatibility is not limited to Siemens products.

(2) Because transmission between the programmer and the hearing aids is limited to about 10 inches, the ConnexxLink is best worn with a lanyard around the patient’s neck. The Bluetooth® wireless capabilities of ConnexxLink support a maximum transmission distance to the computer of approximately 32 feet without a pairing procedure.

(3) The pairing connection is automatic. From the moment it is connected, ConnexxLink is completely integrated into the familiar and proven Connexx fitting workflow.

(4) The connection is established much faster, and thanks to its high transmission rate, it is also very stable. ConnexxLink virtually eliminates the inconvenience of wires.

(5) To enable programming with PCs, ConnexxLink comes pre-paired with a Bluetooth® USB transmitter.

(6) Simply insert the transmitter into a free USB port on your PC to set up the Bluetooth connection between the PC and ConnexxLink. There is no need to install any extra software.


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