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Connexx 7 Makes Fitting Easier than Ever

Connexx® 7 is customizable to the preferred workflow of every hearing care professional for especially easy use. It’s intuitive for first-time users, yet versatile and easy for the most experienced Connexx users.

Flexible user interface.

Connexx 7, the powerful and easily learned fitting software for superior patient satisfaction, can be used to program our entire range of binax, micon™ and Essential products. Connexx enables use of the binaxDemo App so you can demonstrate hearing aid settings changes to your patients. Improved visualizations make it easier to see the effects of different microphone modes. Curve chart highlighting gives you direct visual feedback for gain adjustment. And the enlarged curve view lets you see all curves even more precisely.

What’s new in Connexx 7.

  • Quick, simple programming for binax and micon hearing aids, including custom devices. (Older Siemens hearing aids can still be fitted using Connexx 6.5.5.)
  • All micon functions such as miGuide™ are supported
  • Optimized workflow with faster, straightforward navigation, direct access to all individual fitting parameters
  • Fully customized First Fit defaults, screen contents and program settings.
  • InSituGram, product details overview
  • The Counseling Suite
  • Expanded tinnitus therapy feature