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Wireless Connectivity

With ConnexxLink you don't have to worry about cables.

Woman with ConnexxLink

ConnexxLink® is the optional wireless interface between Siemens hearing aids and Connexx® fitting software. Many new Siemens hearing aids can now be configured without programming cables. A hearing aid detection wizard guides you through the process for wireless (and conventional programming) and it is customizable.

Wireless hearing aid detection and programming with ConnexxLink eases overall workflow. New hearing aid families can now be configured without programming cables

Connexx 7 Screenshots

Why not accompany your wearer for a short walk in their new world of hearing?

Bluetooth wireless connection

Bluetooth Wireless Connection easyTek

Together with our easyTek™, miniTek® and Tek® wireless enhancement systems you can prepare your wearers for their mobile world: mobile phone, TV, MP3 player, or any Bluetooth® wireless audio device.

Program selection includes Bluetooth wireless phone with accept call functionality and transmitter.

Easy adjustments of microphone and transmitter signal levels

Siemens easyTek App Preview Screens

Multiple remote control support.

Sometimes one is not enough: Connexx allows the use of multiple remote controls, to meet the lifestyle of your patient (family, outdoor). This includes the new easyTek App, which allows users to control their easyTek through their smartphone.

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