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Connexx 7

Connexx 7 is used for programming and fitting binax and micon hearing instruments. All other Siemens hearing aids should be fit with Connexx 6.

More intuitive user interface, complete flexibility.

Connexx® 7 continues to improve workflow and make the job of hearing care professionals faster and simpler than ever before. Combined with binax BestSound™ Technology, the latest-generation Connexx 7 software helps you take full advantage of the new technology in just a few quick clicks. It supports our whole range of hearing aids—including the most advanced binaural hearing aids on the market. Offer your patients optimal and individualized care by utilizing the new extended features, such as demonstrating binax’s features or improved handling of microphone settings.

IMPORTANT: To ensure XCEL products are fit with the appropriate programming software, install Connexx 6.5.5 before installing Conexx 7.

Easily demonstrate the advantages of binax.

Connexx supports this by enabling use of the binaxDemo App. Now you can easily demonstrate changes you make in hearing aid settings to your patients.

Enhanced handling.

Improved visualizations make it easier to see the effects of different microphone modes. Curve chart highlighting gives you direct visual feedback for gain adjustments you make. And the enlarged curve view lets you see all curves even more precisely.