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Real Time Display

What is my hearing aid really doing? How do its features work?

Your patients have many valid questions regarding their hearing aids. Now you have a simple answer.

What you see is what you hear.

Real-time display is a live demonstration of hearing aid features. It is designed to support your counseling process by enabling you to visually explain the most important hearing aid features to your patients: audibility, noise reduction, and adaptive directional microphone. It not only allows them to understand how these features work, but also how they help.

Connexx 6 Screenshot - Audibility
Audibility: real output level in each channel, detects current hearing situation.

Connexx 6 Screenshot - Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction: real amount of gain reduction for each channel.

Connexx 6 Screenshot - Adaptive Directional Microphone
Adaptive Directional Microphone: detects and eliminates unwanted noises from behind.