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DataLearning & SoundLearning 2.0

Connexx Screenshot Sound Learning 1

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We invented the first hearing system equipped with a learning program. Our newer hearing systems take it much further. SoundLearning® 2.0 is a more sophisticated and advanced learning program that minimizes the need for manual adjustments.

Connexx® provides a clear visual representation of the wearer’s preferences—enabling you to get a clearer picture of your wearer’s individual hearing aid settings and usage. So, regardless of the type of hearing aid you are fitting, Connexx supports all learning options:

SoundLearning learns frequency-specific compression and channel gain preferences. So, SoundLearning reduces the need for manual adjustments by learning the wearer’s volume and sound quality preferences. It also provides:

  • Gain and compression ratio learning
  • Frequency shape learning
  • Separate acoustical listening situation analysis for each program
  • Microphone mode analysis and noise reduction strength based on situation analysis
Connexx Screenshot Sound Learning 2

Usage analysis

  1. Logging information on microphone and noise reduction derived from situation analysis.
  2. Situation analysis in each program separately.
  3. Navigate through the different programs, or show overview of all programs.
  4. Print the learning results directly from the dialog.
Connexx Screenshot Sound Learning 3

Learned preferences.

  1. Completely reset the learning results.
  2. Continue learning if learning limits have been reached.
  3. Learning results shown for soft, medium and high input levels.