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ConnexxFit® automatically selects the most appropriate target gain and signal processing parameters (e.g. compression time constants, setting FeedbackBlocker etc.). This is achieved by a holistic analysis of the patient’s hearing loss (configuration, degree), acoustic coupling (vent size, type of dome and tip), and signal processing capabilities of the selected hearing aid.

ConnexxFit optimizes open fittings for moderate sloping hearing losses to yield a perfect balance of feedback stability, speech understanding, and sound quality. For instance, ConnexxFit automatically activates the open optimizer, a signal processing feature that improves the effectiveness of the FeedbackBlocker® in open fittings.

The result is better speech intelligibility and sound quality, less feedback, and a better perceived sound of the patient’s own voice. Simply put, a perfect first fit that means greater patient satisfaction from the start. ConnexxFit ensures a positive introduction to your patient’s hearing aids.

ConnexxFit First Fit Configurator