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The clinician’s choice.

ClinicalFit is the workflow support that meets the advanced demands of today’s hearing care professional. It was designed to meet the special workflow needs of clinical audiologists and pedaudiologists.

Connexx 6 Clinical Fit Audiogram Page

ClinicalFit audiogram page.

The illustration to the right shows the selection of the:

  1. Measurement conditions for audiogram
  2. Audiogram transformation

ClinicalFit provides children the care they deserve.

Little patients demand a lot of special care. Connexx ClinicalFit provides you with the right set of tools for all steps in pediatric fitting, including assessment, fitting, and verification:

Audiologist with Girl
  • Audiological assessment. Connexx® is capable of processing virtually any type of subjective and objective audiometry data—from pure tone measurements to variations of auditory brainstem response data. Connexx is able to transform any type of audiological assessment data into the right type of data that is needed for the adequate fitting strategies for your particular patient.
  • Fitting. With DSL v5, we include the latest scientific results in pediatric audiology research.
  • Verification. Whether in-situ or coupler measurements, in combination with our Unity 3® measuring unit, there are a variety of verification strategies just one mouse click away from Connexx

With Siemens UNITY3 measuring unit, most subjective tests can be invoked right out of Connexx.

Connexx ClinicalFit is the fitting solution that fully incorporates pediatric features.