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Fitting with Connexx 6

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Connexx 7 is used for programming and fitting binax and micon hearing aids. All older Siemens hearing aids should be fit with Connexx 6.5.5.

Connexx® intuitive software uses your PC to to fit our advanced technology programmable hearing aids. The most important benefit of programming with Connexx is the exceptionally quick adaptation and acceptance of the hearing device by wearers. With Connexx technology, you’re delivering an unmatched, first-class service.

IMPORTANT: To ensure XCEL and micon products are fit with the appropriate programming software, install Connexx 6.5.5 before installing Connexx 7.

Main benefits.

  • Appropriate for all acousticians’ skill levels
  • Tailored fitting formula
  • Effective compatibility with other branded hearing aids
  • Allows for pediatric fitting
  • Optimized BestSound® Technology


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Leading the way in usability.

Connexx uses the industry standard HI-PRO and NOAHLink hardware and operates within the Microsoft® Windows® environment with an intuitive graphic interface. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. Connexx is designed to work independently or together with NOAH and all other Siemens modules. While this all-round compatibility serves as an exceptional usability advantage, Connexx is at its best when used with Unity for real ear measurements

How it works.

  1. Enter the patient’s audiogram or take the audiogram stored in NOAH.
  2. Choose from a popular list of prescriptive fitting methods.
  3. Select any Siemens programmable hearing instrument.
  4. Connexx uses its First Fit function to optimize the hearing instrument to the prescriptive fitting selected for your patient