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Siemens Hearing Instruments for Hearing Care Professionals

Siemens leads the industry in the number of hearing instrument innovations.

The innovations introduced with each generation of our BestSound® Technology have directly and effectively addressed the requirements of people with hearing loss.

Today begins a new and very exciting chapter in our company history.

The investment company EQT, with Germany’s Strüngmann family and Siemens as co-investors, are the new owners of Siemens Audiology Solutions effective January 15, 2015. After obtaining regulatory approval, we now officially embark on our future with new ownership and a new company name.

Welcome to Sivantos, the hearing company.

With a new company name there will soon be new company letterhead, business cards and email addresses, yet you can expect consistency in key areas: Your contacts will remain the same, as well as contracts, agreements, warranties and service policies. You can rely on the exceptional products, robust programs, and passionate people that you have come to expect from us.

Customer Letter (Download PDF)