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Sivantos makes Siemens hearing aids smarter, more accessible

Introducing smartHearing technology comprising of smartConnect, smartAdapt, and smartSound; Insio™ binax™ custom smart hearing aids now with power matrix for severe hearing loss; New Essentials product family makes smartHearing technology accessible to budget-conscious wearers.

Sivantos is unveiling smarter and more accessible Siemens hearing aids by introducing smartHearing technology and the world’s broadest portfolio of smart hearing aids at the 60th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in Nuremberg. Highlights include a more powerful Insio binax custom product for severe hearing losses and a newly enhanced Essentials line for budget-conscious consumers. Smart hearing aids now account for nearly 90% of the Siemens hearing instrument portfolio and are available for virtually every lifestyle and need.

Siemens smartHearing technology is based on e2e wireless® 3.0, which enables audio exchange between both hearing aids and emulates the natural binaural hearing processes. Siemens smartHearing is made up of three components: smartSound, smartAdapt, and smartConnect. These elements work together to create an exceptional binaural listening experience.


With smartSound, Siemens binaural hearing aids wirelessly exchange audio between both hearing aids, making more intelligent processing decisions. smartSound suppresses unwanted background noise and delivers better than normal hearing in the most challenging listening environments like busy restaurants and cocktail parties.*


smartAdapt ensures both hearing aids are synchronized to work as a single system to intelligently identify the listening situation and automatically adjust the smart hearing aids for greater personal comfort. smartAdapt enables the instruments to quickly learn and adapt to the wearer’s preferred listening settings for superior personalization.


smartConnect provides wireless connectivity for streaming audio directly to the wearer’s ears. It also gives hearing aid wearers the ability to control their hearing aids with virtually any smartphone. Whether streaming audio from a tablet, a smart TV, or via smartphone, smartConnect turns Siemens smart hearing aids into a portable, high-definition headset.

Insio Power CIC

The new Insio binax family of smart custom instruments can now be offered to people with severe to profound hearing loss. The innovative binaural OneMic directional microphone system delivers unprecedented directional hearing and speech comprehension even in single microphone instruments. Now with Insio Power, this benefit is extended to people with virtually any degree of hearing loss. The Insio binax smart design enables a higher fitting rate while offering industry-leading binax features and nearly as much amplification as super power instruments.

Upgraded touchControl App

The popular touchControl™ App, which turns a wearer’s iPhone® or Android™ device into a free remote control, now features the ability to steer the binax hearing aid microphones (in 7bx and 5bx performance levels). In addition, the touchControl App gives smartphone users discreet control of volume and treble with no intermediary device required.

Introducing the new Essentials

The new Essentials lineup offers smart hearing instruments at an attractive price point with features reserved up until now for instruments of higher performance levels. The new Orion™ 2 offers binaural synchronization, Automatic and Adaptive Directional Microphones, tinnitus therapy feature, and wireless streaming via easyTek™ and the easyTek™ App. Sirion™ 2 now features Automatic Directional Microphones and frequency compression. Both models can be controlled via the touchControl App with no intermediary device needed.

“Our hearing care professionals rely on us to provide the largest selection and the best technology for their patients,” said Scott Davis, CEO, Sivantos, Inc. “Our new smartHearing technology, a more powerful Insio custom product, and the industry’s most feature-rich line of Essential products accomplishes all of this. Now our extensive Siemens product portfolio offers more choices for people with mild to profound hearing loss and delivers the most advanced hearing solutions that are accessible to as many wearers as possible.”

smartHome solutions

Also announced are smartHome solutions designed to provide hearing aid wearers’ safety and independence at home. Leveraging the advanced connectivity of Siemens smart hearing instruments, smartHome products deliver special signals to Siemens hearing aids, alerting the wearer in critical situations. This exclusive partnership with Bellman & Symfon will be offered in two packages: smartAlert, which includes a smartHub plug-in for connecting doorbell and telephone transmitters through the easyTek to a wearer’s hearing aids, and smartCare, which includes the smartHub, a room monitor, and a push button transmitter to equip Siemens hearing aid wearers in care-giving roles.

The former hearing aid division of Siemens AG has been operating under the name Sivantos since the beginning of 2015. It develops, produces and sells Siemens brand hearing aids. Further information about Siemens hearing aids and related products can be obtained from

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* Two independent clinical trials have shown that binax can even perform better than normal hearing in certain demanding listening situations (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hearing Center, 2013); the speech reception threshold (SRT) improved in cocktail party situations for hearing aid wearers with slight to medium hearing loss up to 2.9 dB when they wore Carat binax or Pure binax devices with directional effect. Motion binax and Insio binax have the same directional performance as the Pure binax and Carat binax.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Sivantos is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

About Sivantos Group

The businesses of Siemens’ former hearing aid unit have been combined into the Sivantos Group since the beginning of 2015. The origins of Sivantos go right back to 1878, when Werner von Siemens invented a telephone receiver which made it considerably easier for the hard of hearing to follow conversations. Today, Sivantos Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing instruments. With its 5,000 employees the Group recorded revenues of € 690 million and a reported EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) of € 126 million in the 2014 business year. Sivantos’ international sales organization supplies products to hearing aid specialists and sales organizations in more than 120 countries. Particular emphasis is placed on product development. The declared goal is to make Sivantos with its brands Siemens, Audio Service, Rexton, A&M, HearUSA and audibene the market leader in the years to come. The owners of Sivantos are the anchor investors EQT together with the Strüngmann family and Siemens as co-investors.

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