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Siemens expands "Motion" range of hearing instruments

Hundreds of models for an even greater selection of personalized hearing instruments. Siemens will be introducing the new models in the "Motion" range for the first time at the annual conference of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) taking place in Dallas, Texas, from April 1 through 4, 2009. The new "Motion S", "300" and "100" hearing instruments are additions to the range, which has always been noted for the number of different models available. For users this means even more customization options. From hundreds of alternatives, they can now find the instrument that meets their own personal requirements and price range, whether they want a behind-the-ear version or an in-the-ear version.

Every hearing-impaired person is an individual, in terms of the severity and frequency range of their hearing impairment and their preferences and needs. This no longer means simply choosing between a behind-the-ear version or an in-the-ear version but also selecting design and technical options.

With the new models in the Motion range Siemens now offers every hearing-impaired person the ability to select a hearing instrument that exactly matches the individual’s taste and requirements. To ensure maximum wear comfort, even the basic hearing instruments include a variety of technical functions to simplify daily use. For example, all behind-the-ear devices can be charged overnight in a specially designed charger, making it unnecessary to replace batteries. The water-repellent nano coating protects them from weather. And features such as automatic suppression of wind noise or feedback noise and the brilliant sound typical of all Siemens hearing instruments also come as standard.

The new “Motion 100″ models are designed for novices in the world of digital hearing instruments. The modern directional microphones improve understanding in noisy environments. The integrated data logging function records individual user habits such as wearing time, volume settings and changes, hearing environments and program changes. Acoustic technicians can use the data to adjust the hearing instrument for the user’s personal requirements. The “Motion 100″ models are suitable for virtually any degree of hearing impairment and with their ease of use meet the basic requirements of many users.

The “Motion 300″ models, also new, have additional automatic situation recognition. They adjust to the noise environment without any user input. The integrated “Sound Smoothing” technology automatically reduces sudden external noises (such as the clatter of cutlery while eating or the noise of a closing door) so voices and speech can be more easily understood. The Siemens-patented “e2e wireless 2.0″ technology, which can be used to connect the two hearing instruments wirelessly for a binaural system, exchange information continuously to set the optimum sound at all times. Even the smallest hearing instruments, which are almost invisible inside the ear, are available with this wireless technology, which can also be used for remote control. The hearing instrument can also be connected wirelessly to telephones and mobiles with the “Tek-Connect” technology.

In addition, the “Motion 500″ models also offer the Siemens-developed “DataLearning”. Hearing instruments with this technology automatically learn the volume set by the user directly on the hearing instrument or with the remote control in every hearing-instrument program. As soon as the hearing instrument is switched, “DataLearning” applies the settings, so manual adjustment of the hearing instrument by the wearer is very rarely required.

The premium models of the “Motion 700″ series combine all currently achievable technical options in one hearing instrument. For example, “SoundBrilliance” amplifies the sound of voices and relevant sounds and therefore makes accurate hearing easy even in difficult noise environments. The “TruEar” technology improves localization of noises from in front and behind. “SoundLearning” saves the preferred settings for highs and lows in addition to volume.

The “Motion S” series, also available in 700, 500, 300 and 100 versions, feature very small cases, which virtually disappear behind the ear. They also allow an open fitting. An extremely thin sound tube runs from the device directly into the ear, where it is fixed in position by a small shield. This simplifies adjustment and makes wearing comfortable, because the auditory canal remains open.

The Siemens “Motion” hearing instruments are available in four different shapes in the behind-the-ear version and in a wide range of in-the-ear versions from the smallest completely-in-canal hearing instrument, which virtually disappears into the ear, to the Concha hearing instrument, which sits in the external ear. The behind-the-ear models are available in 14 different colors, including not only the standard skin tones and hair colors but also granite, metallic silver, pearl white, show white and dark slate. The in-the-ear devices are available in three skin tones. With hundreds of variations to choose from users can select the exact hearing instrument that meets their personal requirements, their taste and their preferred price.

The new “Motion” hearing instruments will be available on the market in April 2009.

The Siemens Healthcare Sector is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the healthcare industry. The company is a renowned medical solutions provider with core competence and innovative strength in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies as well as in knowledge engineering, including information technology and system integration. With its laboratory diagnostics acquisitions, Siemens Healthcare is the first integrated healthcare company, bringing together imaging and lab diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare information technology solutions, supplemented by consulting and support services. Siemens Healthcare delivers solutions across the entire continuum of care – from prevention and early detection, to diagnosis, therapy and care. Additionally, Siemens Healthcare is the global market leader in innovative hearing instruments. The company employs around 49,000 people worldwide and operates in 130 countries. In the fiscal year 2008 (Sept. 30), Siemens Healthcare reported sales of €11.2 billion, orders of €11.8 billion, and Sector profit of €1.2 billion. Further information can be found by visiting

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