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AudiologyNOW! 2015


At AudiologyNOW! 2015, we extended our family of Siemens smart hearing aids while introducing even more binax features.

Smart Hearing Aids

Whether you are driving a car, playing golf in the wind, at a concert or restaurant, binax smart hearing aids automatically detect and adapt to that environment. No manual adjustments are required. Intelligent binax hearing aids work with both iOS and Android™ devices, transforming hearing aids into your own high-definition personal headset. binax hearing aids are clinically proven to deliver better-than-normal hearing in places like busy restaurants and cocktail parties1.

Insio binax—another world’s first.

Thanks to binax technology, now even hearing aids with one microphone can offer advanced binaural directional technology. For the first time ever, single-microphone hearing aids like the tiny Insio™ complete-in-canal (CIC) and invisible-in-canal (IIC) models can provide the benefits of automatic, adaptive directionality in noisy situations.

The new Motion binax — comfort meets a new dimension of hearing.

Motion® binax. Our latest behind-the-ear model is easy to handle, offers a higher degree of amplification, and is equipped with powerful binaural capabilities. The Motion SX and SA models are both rechargeable and available in a sleek design with improved directionality. Also rechargeable, the Motion PX binax provides a high level of amplification to address more severe hearing losses.

Adaptive Streaming Volume.

In addition, Adaptive Streaming Volume (ASV) is now available in all new and existing easyTek-compatible 7bx hearing aids. ASV enhances the wearer’s listening experience when streaming audio by automatically adapting the volume of the streamed signal according to changing background noise level.

Tinnitus Ocean Waves therapy signals.

Our expanded Siemens binax hearing aids’ tinnitus therapy function includes Ocean Waves therapy signals. Wearers can now choose from four nature-inspired ocean wave therapy signasl to provide a soothing listening experience ideal for tinnitus patients who prefer a more natural therapeutic signal.

We will sponsor the General Assembly keynote speech by Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris on March 26. Sgt. Harris was on a tour of duty in Iraq when an IED struck his Humvee. He will share his long road to recovery and sign copies of his book, Steel Will: My Journey Through Hell to Become the man I was Meant to Be, at Booth 425.

PRESS: We will be attending AudiologyNOW! from March 25-28 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX offering personal demonstrations of our new smart hearing aids at Booth 425. Please contact John Urbaniak at 732.208.7612 for more information.

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Sivantos and audibene enter strategic partnership and investment agreement. Read the press release – the Sivantos Group and audibene GmbH Strategic Partnership

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