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Siemens’ Aquaris® Awarded Parent Test, Parent Approved Seal of Approval

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Reporting from Pepcom: Weird Headphones, Too Much Bluetooth, and Something Completely Different

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Consumer Looking For More Tech in Hearing Aids: Siemens VP Chas Kuratko

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Siemens Newsest Hearing Aid Platform Delivers a Natural, Uncompromised Listening Experience

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Aquaris Micon Waterproof Hearing Aid

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Aquaris Brings Sound to Hearing-Impaired Underwater

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20 Gadgets from CES 2013 to Help You Stay Fit and Health

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Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aid with Bluetooth Works Even at Three Feet Underwater

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Siemens Presents Waterproof Hearing Aid

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World’s First Waterproof Hearing Aid Debuts

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