Thank You for Purchasing Siemens Hearing Aids!

Now that you’re the proud owner of new Siemens hearing aids, here is some important information to get the most out of your hearing aids:

Hearing aids are highly advanced digital devices. Maintenance & care of your hearing aids is vital for a maximum lifespan of your hearing aids.

We offer informational videos to help wearers better understand the best way to handle their new hearing aids. Click on your specific Siemens hearing aids to view their appropriate handling videos:

There are a variety of wireless hearing aid accessories to help connect your new hearing aids with the many devices you interact with daily, such as your mobile phone, television, MP3 player, and more. Check with your hearing care professional to see which accessories are compatible with your specific set of Siemens hearing aids.

To make things even easier for our wearers, some of our accessories can be operated using smartphone apps. Take a look at our free hearing aid apps for smartphones and download what you need today!