Solutions for Children & Teens

Hearing care professionals do far more than test and evaluate your child’s hearing impairment. They can also present you with a variety of hearing solutions and opportunities for your child to enjoy the sound of life. These solutions focus on safety and robustness as well as connectivity. Wearing hearing aids may be necessary for your child’s hearing health, but they need not be uncomfortable, inconvenient, or embarrassing.

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Treatment for hearing impairment.

A hearing care professional can help you select the hearing loss solutions most appropriate to your child’s hearing requirements—including specific information about FM systems for improved learning in school and devices to keep your child connected in today’s high-tech world. We have unique options for active kids and teens, from robust and waterproof to tiny and discreet. We even have hearing aids that make it easier for youngsters to hold conversations at parties or in other noisy surroundings. Learn more about Siemens hearing aids for active kids and teens.